Saturday, July 30, 2011

• World Awaits America’s New Entrepreneurs

The developed world, and most of the struggling third world, as much as it may pretend otherwise for politically expedient reasons, is depending on an American economic turnaround. This means that the world is in fact awaiting, not for Washington to solve its debt crisis, not for a forestalling of Obama’s armageddon, not for resolutions of budget deficits, but for the resurgence of America’s unique brand of entrepreneurialism.

American entrepreneurs have always been the consummate optimists, whose innovation, creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and financial diligence, have produced the most successful economic engine in history. Entrepreneurs have independently created companies, big and small, that have sustained the tests of time and market adversities, and some have gone on to become international behemoths.

Today, America is spinning and twisting under leadership that vilifies businesses and maligns corporate America. It imposes laws, and institutes structural dictates that push entrepreneurship into the realm of the nearly impossible. An administration that promotes a climate of government growth and government dependence, is promoting the destruction of the fundamental and positive core of the human spirit that makes for a dynamic society.

When government grows faster than the private sector, net productivity shrinks. Such is the trend in America. It would be a complete waste of time to look to Washington for ideas or programs that might actually be helpful to any advancement of the entrepreneurial exercise. Furthermore, let’s not look to those glad-handers, who’ve gravitated to the beltway to rub shoulders with this Administration, for any answers. The agenda is being manipulated by less than a handful of ideologues behind Obama. Everything else is showcasing and pretense for the masses, accomplishing nothing positive toward improving productivity or increasing GDP.

Not everyone is cut out to become an entrepreneur, however, the urgent need for supporting entrepreneurship is now more manifest than at any time in the past century. Far too broad a swath of the MSM has been supportively trumpeting the Obama Administration’s ideological convictions and hostility toward corporate America. Too many Americans are sliding into the slothful perception that heaping taxation on those who “have,” is an answer to deficits produced by bloated government spending.

Since America’s earliest days, entrepreneurs have disseminated enthusiasm and passion for success which has been contagious. American entrepreneurs champion the work ethic while playing by the country’s rules and laws that much of the world may not emulate, but furtively admires. I say "may not emulate" because, as we have discovered in so many other socio-political environments including China, laws and decency don’t often matter.

In high schools, colleges and universities, students should be encouraged to break new ground for themselves as new entrepreneurs, rather than to go out and “find a job.” It’s always easier and is the default to pursue the latter, but some encouragement is required to attempt the former. Educational institutions should place more emphasis on the stimulation of entrepreneurial thinking, and should allocate class time and courses to the encouragement of new entrepreneurs. You may not be able to “teach” entrepreneurialism, but you can certainly induce its discovery, and inspire its actualization.

Some entrepreneurs may be born, but entrepreneurialism is also a mindset that can be ignited and nurtured, and its required skills developed. More effort should be addressed to cultivating the perception that entrepreneurs are among the most positive contributors to a vibrant and successful society. They are critical to the economic health of America. The entrepreneurial attitude is the antithesis of the union led bureaucratic morass that has grown out of control, and clogged the wheels of progress and the financial well being of companies.

Typically the entrepreneurs who grab public attention are those who cut new trails in technology, however, any new business, in any industry, that can be formed to employ at least one person, is a step in the right direction. America has no choice but to reverse the current trend toward disaster. The Nation must enthusiastically promote entrepreneurialism and its optimistic perseverance.

The world looks forward to America’s new entrepreneurs and the energy they will inject into the world’s most consequential economy.

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