Wednesday, November 14, 2012

• The Great Mainstream Media Lie

We work hard, or we strive to find work while counted amongst 86 million “invisible” unemployed, or we stress as one of the Bureau of Labor Statistics 14.6% unemployed, and when rare tranches of time allow, during our otherwise consumed days, we sporadically tune into the mainstream media. The Gallup organization recently informed us that 60% of us do not trust the news media. And yet, . . . it still influences our determinations as it wishes.

Whether for news or entertainment, roughly 85% of our media is at minimum liberal minded and more often than not, very extreme in its socialist leanings. For a century our media has equated the progressive mindset and itself with higher intellectual discourse. 

 We collectively have come to accept the fact that media bias is present and predominant. Are we not all subjective beings after all? Is subjectivity not a fundamental, though limiting, ‘truth?’ So, subjective it is. But what of our media? What of our 4th estate, so called because it is purportedly one of the pillars buttressing our rotunda of freedom? 

 Is our media providing Truth? Does it deconstruct official pronouncements digging for Facts? Does it deliver Insight for a little stimulus to our contemplations? Does it contribute Wisdom to our general social fabric? Does it add to our knowledge as we make our way through the good, the bad, and the ugly of our political and economic realities? It can’t, but that is not its greatest disservice to the listening and viewing public. The great lie is that it pretends independence and fictionalizes its neutrality of thought. 

The mainstream media fakes objectivity. It feigns to be telling us truths while doing anything but. It professes to be delivering informative facts. While its most visible representatives contribute to Democratic Party coffers, they make misrepresentations which affect public consciousness. The great lie is the pretense. 

 The vast majority of the 4th estate is perpetuating the fraud and deceit of its objectivity. All such objectivity has long ago been perniciously vaporized. 

 Most of its audience does not have the time to dig for broad based clarity and truth. Most of its audience simply accepts. It accepts as facts, the myriad lies. The masquerade is cleverly delivered in elegant prose, sprinkled with shrewd convolutions which are in effect unhealthy, destructive and uneducated contentions, seeking to destroy all disapproving voices. 

The Founding Fathers held fervent respect for ‘the Press’ and its participation in the democratic process, providing it protection in the Bill of Rights. They had anticipated a continuation of objective reporting on all government affairs by ‘the Press.’ Lady Liberty today sheds tears for the disintegration of the 4th estate, and the disappearance of an essential column expected to responsibly nourish our society. That broad, consequential element described in 1841 by Thomas Carlyle as being more important than all other pillars of good governance, no longer exists.

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