Wednesday, August 22, 2012

• The Obama General Motors Duplicity

    For three years our consciousness has been bombarded with assertions from Obama, his handlers, and his justifiers, that he is pro-business, understands the private sector, and is a leader -- after all did he not singlehandedly “save” General Motors and America’s auto industry? Enough with the lies already!

    Now that there is an actual businessman running against him for the Oval Office rather than a pol, the President’s machine has been turning up the volume on Obama’s GM escapade. We too easily recall his preening three years ago as the media declared him the new CEO of General Motors. Today Obama claims that without him, there would be no auto industry in America and he further claims that GM is a roaring success.

With admiration from the vast majority of the media, Obama is spiking the football on his prime example of crony-capitalism. This is not just any version of capitalism. This three year saga of GM has been a White House mandated, directed, orchestrated, manipulated, sleaze filled, top-down, “I-know-better,” abuse of laws and industry with taxpayer money to achieve egoistic and self-serving purposes.

This Administration persevered in abusing its power to ignore laws and common sense, in order to pull-off the biggest heist in US government history. And it did so in broad daylight.

The fourth estate’s fear, adulation, and mostly uncomplicated ignorance, allowed this larceny to occur. Law makers allowed it to materialize without backlash. Taxpayers watched, confused. Some, not so confused, but unable to act.

Geithner orchestrated the redirection of TARP funds for the bailout - yes, that very same slush fund specifically established to bailout financial institutions, NOT corporations. While we may never fully know the total cost to taxpayers, and we will never know the full extent of the damage done to individuals harmed by the process, we can accept as a base amount the initial $80+ billion dollars from TARP and the government stock purchase of 60% ownership. Why is this a “base” amount?  On behalf of the Nation’s taxpayers, and circumventing the country’s bankruptcy/tax laws, the orchestrators of the GM scheme ALSO sacrificed taxpayer treasure in the form of a $45 billion gift of business-loss tax credit.

Section 382 of the tax code, limits net operating loss carry-forwards in ‘loss corporations.’  Did this restrict Obama, Jarrett, Axelrod and Geithner in any way? Not when they were buying the permanent financial backing of a powerful union. The same union which this year committed one half billion dollars to Obama’s re-election campaign. Did the rank and file have ANY say in what their leaders did with their union dues?

To circumvent laws limiting transfers of Net Operating Losses” (NOL), Geithner, (that infamous tax expert of tax cheating notoriety), issued “Notices” claiming the laws would not apply to the Treasury’s machinations as it converted TARP loans to GM for shares, and then sold those shares.
By law, accumulated tax write-offs evaporate in bankruptcy for ALL corporations, unless they are enjoying the process of Obama-commanded-bankruptcy. Do we really wonder how other auto manufacturers such as Ford, or any other corporations for that matter, felt about this serious breech of the Nation’s laws and assault on the capitalist system? This is politics at its worst.

Taxpayers were not provided an opportunity to opine on this $125 billion being used by an out-of-control Administration to purchase the eternal support of the AWU/UAW leadership. Keep in mind that the UAW was an unsecured creditor, unlike most of the creditors pillaged by this Administration. The union was gifted a 17% share position in GM in trade for some health and pension commitments and the UAW sold a third of this position for $3.5 billion when GM made a public share offering in 2010.

When you consider how team Obama handed control of GM to its union cronies while on the other hand it obliterated 100% of the original broadly held common shares; gave pennies on the dollar worth of shares to bond holders composed of families, retirees, middle class average Americans and pension funds; wiped out the debt held by GM supplier Delphi; gifted $1 billion to Delphi UAW retirees, but nothing to Delphi’s non-union and non-UAW retirees; stiffed the bond holders; terminated the existence of thousands of long-time dealerships who were not Obama funders; unceremoniously fired the GM CEO Rick Wagoner, replacing him with car czar Steve Rattmer who in turn placed crony Ed Whitacre as titular CEO while czar Rattner made all critical decisions (against all common sense, and corporate law and governance); politicized the restructure and politicized the eventual actualization of action plans for GM; wiped out non-union salaried employee pensions; enabled GM to pay for ads in China promoting the “The Birth of a Party” – a party for the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), . . . . you begin to understand the full meaning of crony-capitalism as it is practiced in Beijing and Moscow.
Ask the retirees who depended on those bonds or the Pension, Mutual and Hedge funds which Obama so cavalierly demeaned as “speculators,” how they feel about the Obama version of “redistribution.”

The vast majority of individuals who were scammed weren’t aware of all the minutia of the complex deal. Many are very likely still in the dark about Obama’s redistribution of taxpayer cash, NOT to the needy, but to this Administration’s UAW friends, and in turn to himself. This is redistribution for Obama’s personal gain, and the personal gain of his crew.

Is it any wonder the top of the UAW’s food-chain has permanent passes to the White House?

Did the media admonish the President or Treasury Secretary for failing to carry out their fiduciary responsibilities?  Did the media support the free enterprise system which the country’s economic health depends on? Not at all. The media still yawns as laws are trampled, and rights are assaulted.
When you have access to a camouflaged, almost limitless mountain of cash to purchase ‘friends,’ your dreams of world-grand-mastership might just take on a veneer of reality, particularly when over 85% of your nation’s MSM is championing your cause, though it doesn’t understand what your cause really is.

The lying and nauseating demagoguery continued unabated at a recent Colorado pep rally, “. . . we created 4½ million new jobs. We saved an auto industry on the brink of collapse. . . . . what we did with the auto industry, we can do it in manufacturing across America. . . . ,” bragged Obama.

Would it educate the President to point out the fact that before the bailout, 75% of GM cars were built in the U.S., while today 2/3 of GM employees are overseas and 75% of its automobiles are made outside the country with most of the manufacturing occurring in China? Such questions might trouble his evidently limited capacities and confuse his mind about his claims that Romney  “Led the outsourcing of American jobs to India and China.”

This restructuring of a failing company by dictatorial decree was nothing more than theft from the highest power in government. If and when the details of this heist become clearer in the minds of all taxpayers, we may yet see legal recourse taken on behalf of those whose lives were damaged irreparably by the abusive and despotic actions of this Administration.

The return of America toward sustainable healthy economic growth, and away from 15% real unemployment, will only occur with leadership which comprehends and respects business and the entrepreneurial spirit, and not from a leader who has done nothing but live off the largesse of others and government.

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