Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The pressure continues, but has reached a fever pitch with the news from the Oregon Democratic delegates having favored Obama in majority. The calls for Hillary Clinton’s surrender suggest that her persistence is splitting the Democratic Party and weakening its chances of winning the Presidential election. Obama, is busy immersing himself in the warmth of acclaim having acquired a majority of elected convention delegates, with thank you’s, emanating a scent vaguely reminiscent of Presidential victory thanksgivings.

From some corners, Clinton is even being accused of damaging Obama’s chances, and worse, accentuating the racial divisions between voters. These denunciations and recriminations are more emotional outbursts than corollaries precipitated by rational assessments. On the other side of the great divide, John McCain cannot accomplish much, and to pretend that Clinton staying in the race is affording him a free ride is disingenuous. Of all elections in which to pretend such absurd notions have validity, this would be one where a Democrat leaning voter is least likely to be swayed toward a Republican vote.

It remains that neither candidate has reached the threshold set by the Democratic Party for going onto the Presidential race. Her wide 65% Kentucky win gives Clinton additional reason to prevail. Wishes of the approximately half of the Democratic delegates should be extended respect. Clinton has achieved that number with a fraction of the disbursements expended by her opponent. Whatever her reasons, Hillary Clinton is making the right decision to stay the course, and she looks more comfortable today battling against odds than she did a year ago. 2,026 delegate votes are required for a winner to be declared. That threshold should be honored, and so should the democratic process.


  1. My concern: Rezko and Nadhmi Auchi. Obama's endless money from 'small' donors, will we ever know if this money is clean? Why is the press so unconcerned with Rezko (except ABC)? I read a UK paper that is amazed by this lack of concern, considering Auchi's mideast connections and conviction of 'buying' French politicians.

  2. "a fraction" of what Obama spent? Wrong. They both raised over $200 million; she misspent hers and is now in debt to the tune of more than $20 million, and continues to get in further debt the longer she goes. Otherwise, true, the vast majority of Dems, and Independents and Republicans who don't want a war with Iran, will stick with Obama in Nov. "Yesterday's gone". Stay in NY, Clintons.