Thursday, July 31, 2008


Anyone viewing footage of the Republican campaign’s recent ad showing Obama waving to a sea of people should wonder if this really achieves its negative intent. Comparison to Spears-like stardom doesn’t make Obama look bad. The video footage does quite the opposite.

One gets the feeling that McCain's sense of envy is palpable, but so is the sense that the McCain campaign is confused. Both candidates have taken cheap shots at one another, and the onslaught will get nastier ramping up to election time. If he really wanted to win this election, McCain would be reversing the process of political polarization that so evenly split the country in the last two elections.

It is entirely possible that McCain just does not understand his opponent’s popularity or how to campaign against it. It is also possible that his support system is guiding him down the path to oblivion. Anger and emotional outbursts don’t look Presidential against a candidate whose backdrop is a mob of attentive listeners. Where is the cool, calm and collected demeanor of a naval aviator McCain who once captained the helm of a fighter jet? What is inciting his pugnacious reactions?

McCain and his handlers are missing or ignoring the fact that voters have taken a reserved and cautious liking to Obama. Voters are not yet convinced because they still are looking for confirmations that his definition of hope is in tune with their own. Obama's non-existent political voting record remains his overwhelming Achilles heel. Voters are fully aware that he was launched into the stratosphere of stars by Oprah’s powerful endorsement. That’s just a fact of life. McCain should get over it and take the high road.

The electorate doesn’t deserve, nor is it presently in any mood, to tolerate much that doesn’t bring solutions to its serious economic concerns. The American taxpayer is looking for substance. If it wasn’t, Obama would have long ago been well ahead and on his way to winning by a landslide. This race is not over because on this election, voters are seeking both a vision for their future and a plan that will bring about peace of mind. Only specific, clear, insightful and bold actions, will lift the blanket of anxiety hovering over the Nation. Petty bickering only deepens the apprehension. The Republican Party may be receding from the challenge.


  1. "Where is the cool, calm and collected demeanor of a naval aviator McCain who once captained the helm of a fighter jet?"

    PLEASE CHECK YOUR FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. anonymous,

    Thanks for the link, however, if you have FACTS that relate to McCain in the cockpit and present evidence of his demeanor, please send them on.

    Thank you.

  3. anonymous,

    Swift-baoting McCain is traversing some dangerous territory. The guy was in a prison camp. As Clark said, that doesn't make him a great President, but it does make him a great American. Still, it would seem his own handlers are going to humiliate him FAR more than you or I ever could with this new line of campaign tactics.

  4. john, mccain sold out a lot of his american brothers over there. And who can blame him, he was in a prison camp. I have think there are far greater Americans, one's who present themselves as decent human beings first and foremost.

  5. I came across your blog while doing some research, after going through your Blog your info was very good, the information was very factional good luck in your writings. It doesn't matter what side of the fence your on as long as you know your facts, not to many people do although they do very well in passing misinformation on by commentators who want to only push there own agenda. I have added your blog to my mine. Good Luck to you

    Anthony Landaeta