Friday, August 29, 2008


The Democratic convention’s star-studded crowning of Obama at the elaborate altar in Denver provided America with another sampling from a polished orator, presenting no surprises. Before CNN and MSNBC had time to recover from their swooning, McCain sent a long hard throw to the plate in the form of Gov. Sarah Palin. Palin’s first address on the world stage was surprisingly effective, and her delivery resonated with a genuine energy that both McCain and Obama should envy. Her address also towered over Biden’s uncomfortable delivery of words sounding too much like someone else’s voice.

For some reason when Palin says “challenge the status quo to serve the common good,” you get the sense that she actually means it. The Democratic leadership has already decried Palin’s lack of experience with the insult, “John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.” That is probably not the best place to begin the attack. Of the foursome lined up for the run to the White House, Palin is the only one who can claim any Chief Executive experience. In her case it is of both a company and a State. Having enriched the Alaska coffers after taking on the oil companies provides her some coin with middle America as it struggles with escalating oil prices and cost of living. Palin took on both Democrats and Republicans with ethics legislation against corruption. Her reputation as a reformer fighting cronyism almost makes her an unlikely new member of the Republican Party leadership given its Congressional track record of the past decade.

While Obama, the new countenance of the Democratic Party, chose a Washington insider as his running mate, McCain’s pick of Palin serves up a surprising potential new face for the Republicans. It is a maverick decision, and evidently not one expected by the Republican guard and financial backers. McCain’s new V.P. running mate is an invitation to some of the women who supported Hillary Clinton but whose patronage was shaken when she was sidestepped for V.P. by Obama. Her anti-abortion stance will make such attraction difficult.

This unexpected pick of Palin presents some insight into McCain’s decision making, and changes the national political landscape. In one move, McCain adds distance between himself and the Bush/Cheney administration, and puts some substance on his version of change. The politically unbalanced media onslaught has already started against Palin, nevertheless this decision by McCain will stimulate new dialogue on the road to the Oval Office, and will certainly impose fresh perspectives from and on the Republican Party front. Her presence will invigorate the McCain campaign with new energy, while at the same time reminding Democrats that their new leader ignored almost half of them by not selecting Hillary Clinton as his own V.P.



  2. MCCAIN MUST HAVE THIS THING WITH BEAUTY PAGENT GALS - CINDY, was the first one and he dumped his first wife for her (or maybe her money), and then Sarah P. another beauty contestant who he met only ONCE!!! Wow! Fast work, McCain. Does Palin know were Pakistan is? or what is a bond....and I heard she showed favortism to a family member and tried to get a trooper fired as he would not budge from doing his duty! WOW again!

  3. How bout the fact that the main issue in this election is supposed to be the economic crisis we are facing and she is the only one who has done anything positive for her constituency in this area.

  4. He just wants a window show-piece. A nice looking chick who can sell and old and exhausted guy like him....what a low and degrading use of women. And you think this race was about breaking barriers and putting minorities and women into roles they deserve......quite the opposite is McCain's intent and that of the Republican party. I guess the party has a long way to go!

  5. What a dumb choice! Shows he doesnt have judgement! He still makes decisions in isolation, like he used to when he flew sorties in war, and that is how he makes them now. We DONT want that quality in our President and the leader of the free world.

    And....I was always suspect of putting a military man in a position of immense power....and his attitude and pronouncements prove that now! Look at the role all over history and all over the world where military men took over the highest office - Pakistan, Iraq, Central and South America, SE Asia, Africa...the list is endless. They either were brutal, let their countries to wars or were unable to talk to their opponents in a non-threatening way. THERE are a few exceptions - like IKE - but those are exceptions and not the rule. And that is why all civilized democracies have civilian control of the military....for peace, as the military would constantly be doing what it does best - war - to solve problems rather than look at other options such as diplomacy. We need a strong military for defense and deterrance but not military men at the helm.

  6. I have been wondering: why is it that when liberals post their comments they usually do it in CAPS (thus shouting), they resort to name-calling and to writing nonsense that is not supported by facts. Whereas when conservatives write theirs, the comments are usually well thought-out, and are full of facts and supportive evidence?! It has been suggested that conservatives' IQ is higher than that of liberals. And I am seeing more and more evidence of that.

  7. Lives of achievement have a vector to them. It may be a no- or low-slope vector, where the individual just plods along, accumulating enough experience to move up the ladder a step at a time. The military normalizes along a low-slope vector, where there are time-in-grade requirements for advancement. Most unions embrace the no-slope vector, teacher's unions the low-slope variety.

    I spent a career in the high-tech industry, where the high-slope vector is the norm. Individuals with a high-slope achievement vector, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, TJ Rodgers, and the like, zoom to the top levels of achievement (and beat more traditional, low-slope companies like AT&T, DEC, IBM) because they are not hindered by those who say "You lack the experience."

    The Venture Capital community actively seeks out these high-slope individuals, knowing they can hire more experienced production managers, accountants and purchasing agents to provide the meat of the enterprise, but the high-slope leader provides, dare I say, the "vision thing." They tend to be hands-on managers who articulate the direction, then pitch in to achieve the result.

    I see a high-slope achievement vector in Sarah Palin. Most politicians have a medium to high vector, but the desired result is merely their own advancement (see Obama, Barak). Palin has a fire in her gut to reform government. Sure, she has advanced through various levels of government rapidly, but that has been because she has been so damn good at what she does. She has demonstrated her commitment and is willing to take the risks because she has a lifeline - her family. I sense that she would be perfectly happy to go home and raise those beautiful children and cook moose stew for her husband. We are fortunate that a person of such character is willing to step forward and commit to the job. We can hire Counsel to the sitting Vice President to back her up. (sorry, that was a low blow).

    McCain should be commended for his courage in selecting her. And if there is any desperation in the move it is the desperation to reform our bloated, inept, wasteful and corrupt Federal Government.

  8. Obama tells you he's about "Change" and "Washington is broken", yet he picks Biden, a 3+ decades washington-insider who isn't "Change"!

    McCain tells you he's about "Reform" and "Fix Washington", and he chose Palin. Most notably he's looking at her "Reform" experiences, not her foreign policy experience.

    I find that McCain takes his message and vision way more seriously than Obama!

  9. It is sad to see so many comments that involve 'lowest common denominator' political profiles instead of evaluating accomplishments of the leader in question. Democrats, this is a Heads Up for you. Pay attention to this ladys' track record, or you're going to look like an air-head! As Alaska's Governor, she worked with liberal Dem's in the Legislature to pass a multi-billion dollar tax increase on Alaska's oil industry--yes, it PASSED! She worked with Dems again to "win approval of her natural gas pipeline deal..." See Jimmy Orr's article, CSMonitor, 8/30/08. And by the way, embittered, envious comments disrespecting John McCain don't help your cause, either. They just make you look embittered and envious. Instead of feeding your pain and anger, try some vigorous exercise, if you're physically able; and get some positive people in your life! You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, you know.

  10. If I were a woman, I would be insulted by John McCain's arrogance! He must think women are so stupid; to simply vote Republican for Palin - now that Hillary Clinton's off the Democratic ticket. It's like offering a Ferrari owner a Vespa simply because they're both Italian. The women's rights movement in this country has come too far and gained too much to be set back to the 1800's with archaic thinking and chauvinistic ideals! John McCain used to be the moderate Republican. That could've won him the election. Instead, he's surrounding himself with more radical conservatives that should rightfully frighten ANY moderate American. Shame on you, Republicans! The world is a big place and you are NOT THE ONLY PEOPLE IN IT!