Thursday, September 11, 2008


CNN is repeating a story today of a Sacramento State grad who is auctioning off her virginity in order to fund her graduate studies. CNN talking heads present this as news, and are running a video of a young woman about to discover prostitution, though what the truth is, no one’s too sure – virgin or not, who knows. Who cares. CNN decided this was a great story so her pseudonym is revealed as well as where she plans to satisfy the highest bidder. Nice work CNN. Great story, and great decision-making.

Giving further airtime to this pathetic crossroad in this young woman’s life, CNN provides us with “live” interviews with other students for insight and perspective. The genius of the coverage comes in the stated purpose of this auction – furthering education. The CNN inquiring minds frame their questions so that the nobility of secondary education is such a splendid objective that disapproval for the means (prostitution) of paying for it becomes orthodoxy. Are we to understand that all students whose parents aren’t loaded, and can’t afford to pay their University bills, should consider it?

With CNN touting her auction to sell her body, it and its earnest hardnosed reporters are doing their best to make sure this woman’s auction is a smashing success. This will give legs to this story. Perhaps we will also be treated to on the scene video of the happy winner heading into the Nevada brothel to claim his prize. This will be another successful piece, bringing salivating advertisers fighting for 30 second spots on the reporting, and CNN will have established another journalistic milestone. Successful pimping in broad daylight, brought to your living room by talking twits whose objectivity was lost, or sold, long ago.

From the woman’s lips comes a quote that may well go down as one of the most absurd lip flappings, “Why shouldn’t I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity? I think this is empowering. I’m using what I have to better myself.”

Perhaps the editing rooms of Ted Turner’s creation believe that they have discovered a heterodox solution to the funding of higher education. Or perhaps CNN feels that prostitution is in need of some refurbishing, and education is as good a rationalization as any for promoting the oldest profession to the next generation. However presented, sex sells, and this story will get tongues wagging, and will continue to attract advertisers. Timing for so many young women coming of age would coincide with their burgeoning educational desires. Thanks CNN, and all the other media today, for providing names, videos, images and places on this absurd story. Thanks for lowering the bar. Thanks for providing this woman her 15 minutes of evidently much needed fame. What great examples you are presenting and setting for leadership, morals and principals. Our kids and grandkids will be forever grateful. And above all, thanks for presenting such a touching, poignant, and uplifting incarnation of self-confidence, and of human achievement.


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