Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We are about to witness more plundering of the American taxpayer. The 700 billion dollar bailout so quickly rushed through Congress under the threat of complete collapse of the U.S. economy, was slipped by American taxpayers who in majority were against the bailout. Democrats jumped in first, Republicans were slower to rush in. Both parties acted while drenched in fear and anxiety. The taxpayers were right. Obama and McCain were not, nor did they do the right thing right.

Taxpayers were threatened that with credit market paralysis, their jobs would be at risk, they would not be able to keep their businesses afloat, and they would not get loans to finance their lives. Without the passing of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, taxpayers would find their whole way of life turned upside down, and the specter of finding solace on a park bench would be just around the corner.

Neither Paulson, nor Congress, provided any real details on some of the critical concerns surrounding the bailout. Even expert analysts didn’t raise objection as to how some of the potentially explosive finer points might in practical terms find implementation. Taxpayers assumed that in such a world shattering moment, on such a historically critical decision, Congress would finally be diligent. Congress, filled with resident and elected lawyers, would understand the fine-print on the legislation. Taxpayers accepted or assumed that someone, somewhere, hopefully someone with talent, would do the right thing, and make sure that the legislation would in turn be subject to industrious and careful execution. Wrong on all counts.

The coming weeks will deliver further anxiety from wildly fluctuating markets, and distressing news that the bailout will finance hundreds of millions of dollars worth of salaries and bonuses. These millions will be paid to incompetent individuals who mismanaged their institutions into becoming beggars standing at the bailout wicket crying for taxpayer handouts. We can expect agreements between executives and their employers to surface, that Congress did not consider during the passing of the legislation. Don't think for a moment that those agreements won't stand. Paulson and his friends at the Treasury and the Fed will not be able to withhold money from those institutions. And that’s just the beginning of the abuse. Lawyers will rush to the trough, and taxpayers will stand-by, helpless, as large amounts of their added debt burden continues to be abused by many responsible for creating this disaster in the first place.

It will also surprise taxpayers that the lending institutions that will receive handouts, will be under no obligation to “lend.” Oops, sorry. Congress also failed on that one. Senators and House Members who rushed this rescue package through, will escape unscathed and untarnished, and one of them will even be rewarded with the Presidency next week. While government cannot be expected to solve all problems that face a nation, it is expected to act with prescience and prudence. Why Congress isn’t, is the real question. Is the mainstream media watching?

Oh, and hiding behind the skirts of PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young to “help” in the administration of the bailout should not be accepted as a veil shrouding incompetence, and sanctioning abuse of power.

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