Wednesday, June 16, 2010

• Is More Evidence On Obama’s Presidency Needed?

The Mainstream Media is tripping all over itself deciding how to not embarrass itself over the latest demonstrations of incompetence emanating from the Oval office. America not only elected a novice with absolutely no worthwhile experience in managing anything, other than giving a speech, but through its votes America also populated the White House with incompetent individuals.

American voters should have thought a little longer on the ramifications of hiring an apprentice President. Of course, the nature of an apprentice is to work under the wings of an expert, which makes what’s going in the Oval office rather understandable. There’s no one with talent or experience in running anything, who might take the President under his or her wing.

For a country built on the fruits and creativity of the entrepreneurial spirit, it remains stupefying that an administration voicing so much animosity toward business and the business ethos was ever elected. I noted before the election that the “Tells” were of grave concern. Now, well into this Administration’s ill-advised ramblings and mismanaged trampings through the complex corridors of the economy, foreign affairs and domestic affairs, the MSM finds itself looking for rationalizations.

The MSM is becoming creative in excusing the object of its sycophancy. For example, the New York times thinks Obama is not able to get emotional or “involved” because he is too “cool.” Hollywood thinks he should lose a little bit of his “cool,” and show more anger. Does America really think it elected a cool President? Does America really think anger is a way to find a solution? Such thinking is not only idiotic, but sadly for the country, it excuses someone incapable of making critical decisions. This has nothing to do with cool.

The decisions that have been required of the White House since the election have been significant, and have been plentiful. None have found decisive or thoughtful direction from the President. Instead, Obama took America on a left turn into healthcare, at a time when Americans were stuck in consternation over the loss of jobs.

America has elected a President who doesn’t even know what questions to ask, . . . of anyone. It elected someone who made more trips on Air Force One and made more speeches than any other President in his first year in office.

America does not expects a single individual to have all the answers, however America should expect the individual sitting in the revered Oval office to know enough to surround himself with people more talented than he, and of whom he can ask the tough questions, and to whom he can give very direct and specific marching orders. The electorate elected a fumbling Administration at a time when a tough manager was called for. The MSM is running out of rationalizations and excuses.
The evidence is in.

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