Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Canada Welcomes Illegal Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers

Canada, the world's leader in the immigration business, is about to welcome the first of many ships carrying illegals from Sri Lanka.

The Canadian immigration industry is licking its lips at the imminent arrival of a ship load of illegals, with lawyers lining up to leach off the Canadian taxpayers, and the Courts are making sure that endless days will be cleared from the dockets, so judges can enjoy the stories of downtrodden Sri Lankans well into the next decade.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will pretend to filter the good from the bad, not having a clue about much, since no human being on earth can vouch for the veracity of any documentation presented in pretense on the origins of any asylum seekers. There are few countries in the world where documentation cannot be purchased, names changed, false birth certificates magically created, and new family members materialized.

Canadian taxpayers seem to rest easy in the knowledge that the CBSA will investigate thoroughly, then make sure that Canada becomes the destination of choice for Tamil asylum seekers, replacing the formerly more convenient Australia. Canada will enjoy the unique distinction of being the only country on earth not overly concerned with allowing Tamil Tigers into its midst. Pretending otherwise, is pretending that the CBSA has the capacity to know the difference between terrorists and non-terrorists, and also further pretending that it has the capability of tracking them once they’ve allowed them into the Canadian society at large.

Canada has no way to track anyone. The immigration industry knows this and takes advantage. Daily abuses of the many loopholes in the country’s laws result in the government having no idea of the country's real population.

There are almost 7 billion people on earth, most of whom live in abject poverty, in overpopulated corners of the earth. Canada’s doors seem wide open. Canadians have for generations attempted to build a country that could support itself. For some reason, the current version of Canadian governance is following the Jean Chretien belief that “Anyone who wants to live in Canada, should be allowed to live in Canada.” Such genius thinking now brings a need to increase taxes (such as HST) to feed a rapidly breaking system, . . . a system controlled by too many lawyers who were elected to the National Legislature over the last century.

Canadians should know that their government is under no international obligation to accept a ship arriving under false pretenses. Ottawa should stop aiding and abetting the human smuggling operations of international criminal organizations.

Those pretending that Canada is a wealthy country and that it should “share,” haven’t spent much time with the average Canadian household working multiple jobs, and carrying personal debts second only to their neighbors to the South.

The concern here isn’t even about Tamils, but about an attitude toward the preservation of a fast disappearing lifestyle. Overcrowding was once not a Canadian objective. The clogged arteries of Vancouver and Toronto are evidence that the balance has tipped.

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