Saturday, February 7, 2015

Obama, The Ultimate Senior Banker’s President

For sixty four years, the world enjoyed some degree of stability, perhaps greater than at any previous period in history, with the United States performing the expensive, but indispensable role of “stabilizer.”  There had been regional wars, and provincial atrocities often localized to sectarian disputes, but most of the world went about its business, criss-crossing oceans and borders to grow trade, or travelling to distant vacations.  9/11 changed behaviours, nevertheless, we continued on our paths, but did so with a little more caution on our air-travels.  Then, with the power of wealthy and powerful senior bankers behind him, an unknown, untried, and utterly inexperienced junior Senator was placed in the Oval Office.

 "Six years beyond his election, it is now difficult to ascribe descriptives to our world that don’t signify chaos. For six years we witnessed with astonishment as the Obama Administration puzzled us and the world with decisions that held no common sense.  Autocratic and presumptuous decisions, smothered in ignorance, shouted to the world that the United States was standing down, . . . everywhere.

Defence missile shield in Poland?  No. We have no interest in defending Europeans, or counterbalancing Putin’s USSR Empire reconstruction plans. Putin shot an airliner out of the sky? We’ll have to get some facts on that, soon, and I won’t sleep until . . .  But look over there, our good friends the Muslim Brotherhood, brought down that nasty Mubarak, . . . oops, Egypt broke? Nevermind, the Arab Spring is in full bloom.  Hillary, while you’re racking up a  million miles aboard flying hotels, go take care of bringing down Qaddafi, . . . oops, damn, Lybia’s on fire.  Yah, but good news, we’ll tell all our enemies how and when we’re vacating Iraq and, . . . oh damn, ISIS you say?  Hell don’t worry, they’re just a JV team. Syria? Really? Well at least those arms we smuggled to those rebels from Lybia are doing their job.  Assad is cowering, isn’t he?   Never mind, nice work Hillary, this should help you in 2016, or not.  The Saudis and their neighbours are funding ISIS and Al Quaeda?  Nah, they’re my real friends. Iran? Of course they’ll become a nuclear power. Get used to it.  But don’t worry folks, the whole Middle East isn’t on fire, you’re looking at the glow of golden sunsets and you’re confused.  And Europe’s problems?  Those countries launched the colonialist invasions which abused peoples around the world. They deserve what they’re getting. Asia?  What’s Asia? Fighting over some islands?  People trying to leave poverty?  Hah.

Reality beyond the minds of the narcissistic Administration is a world where too many nations are in complete disarray, where broken states have no power centers, where too many nations are consumed with overwhelming economic problems, and where country after country is punctured with political and religious battles that will take decades to settle.  It almost matters little which direction one looks, Sudan, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Libya, . . . well OK, most of Africa and all of the Middle East,  Europe with the EU in jeopardy, China’s communists flexing newfound muscles against their neighbours, and Putin taking advantage of a weak President and a confused Europe.

A feeble President unable to lead, or inspire the great Nation he was elected to lead, and unable to lead the world, is better than anything the senior bankers in their most private and most wild dreams could have engineered. They may have bought this Administration into office, but there’s no way they could have predicted their luck.  What luck?

Further accentuating the chaos governing the troubled world, is a multitude of “bubbles,” including major bank debts, national bank debts, government debt, and artificial inflation of equity markets, all fed by senior and central bankers who have no solutions other than to throw worthless Central Bank paper into the chaos.  In ignorance, bankers hope something happens as they delay the inevitable, and hope no one notices the fundamental insanity of the historically high debt being created.

Amidst this strife, America’s geopolitical and economic stability provides the world’s wealth with the only safe haven, . . .  relatively.  It matters little that unemployment is at record highs, or that new jobs are not good paying full time jobs, or that almost 50 million Americans depend on food stamps in silent misery, America is considered as the only safe place to park cash.  The more the chaos, the more America’s attraction as a shelter, better than any other on Earth.  America is perceived by the world as being physically isolated, with a powerful military and with laws which minimize corruption.

The unprecedented accelerating dissolution of the international community into discord and disorder has made the United States the only secure depository.  Whether cash extracted from oil wells by kings and kleptocrats, or cash from the drug world, cash scammed off the top from nations such as Mexico, Brazil, or China, trillions of dollars extracted from autocratic governments need parking.  Not only are senior bankers happy to oblige in movement of cash, or sale of U.S. bonds, the conversion of foreign assets and wealth to “dollars” hides the reality of the abuse which central bankers have perpetrated on a Nation which appears confused and in fear of the uncertain future.

There is no possible way that Goldman Sachs and friends believe their extreme luck as they accumulate hundreds of billions in personal wealth. They could not have foretold their good fortunes when they purchased a Presidency totally ignorant of things economic – manipulate, yes, but this level of luck? Not a chance.

By the time their abuse comes to an abrupt end, and the “indentured species” known as the American middle class collapses under unrepayable debt, the senior bankers will no longer care who occupies the White House.

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