Thursday, March 20, 2008


Perceptions and percepts being what they are, political mindsets are rarely accommodating or flexible. The Democratic support system is finding itself split into entrenched camps severing their landscape with a moat as deep as the one that divides their party of choice from the Republican party bias. Both Democratic candidates present well, though one, Clinton, can claim the experience corner and is by appearance very pragmatic. The other, Obama, is a polished presenter, who, for the most part, refrains very astutely from clear definitive policy statements, allowing his listeners to append their own dreams and wishes onto his mantle. Each candidate demonstrates intelligence enough that presence at the helm would likely prove satisfying in long term. Whether or not either will really listen to the people once in office, as both of them claim, what is desired, . . . no, required, is a sound, well functioning and decisive mind that mirrors the broad aspirations of the majority in the preservation of continued social, political and economic stability.

Obama supporters suggesting that Clinton’s continuance in the race is destroying the prospect of a Democratic victory against McCain is unnecessary, arrogant and is divisive lashing out. Denunciations of Bill’s disgracing the Oval office straight into Republican hands, are also misdirected residue from a prior decade. Hillary is the one running and Bill would probably be consigned to a water closet, not even an oval office closet, . . . OK, maybe ambassadorship to Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan.

Clinton supporters pointing to fringe rhetoric from a confused pulpit and claiming that Obama should have known better than to attend such a church is reaching with a long frail twig. Obama sitting in a pew for some “feel good” on the occasional Sunday, even if it has been for decades, offers scant insight into his character or judgment.

Debating the specifics of future policy differences with two candidates who are for the most part very much aligned in their perceptions, is good ink. However, much being written is not based on fact or truth, but is clutter too readily contrived. Democrats should feel comforted and grateful in the confidence that neither candidate is an ideologue in camouflage.

Both camps should ease up. Bill Clinton’s devious finger wagging ushered in the Bush era. The current economic distress afflicting too many American tax payers, magnified by their inevitable sense of disconnect from the top of the economic and political food chain will likely return a Democrat to the White House. John McCain should be campaigning as if he has anticipated that the license plate on the moving van is not from his neighborhood.

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