Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Suddenly the barrage of images and articles analyzing in extreme detail the debacle between the two Democratic front runners is kicked almost out of sight by the Spitzer sex scandal. The story, however, is not even about sex although that is what attracted our attention. This is about our own bewilderment. It is almost as if Spitzer meticulously planned, scripted, then executed his own destruction. He originally set in place the mechanisms intended to uncover exactly the kind of deceit he perpetrated, and is now apologizing for. A man nicknamed variously, but most consistently as Mr. Clean, and considered a likely aspirant for the White House in 2012 imploded before our eyes. Having taken on the Gambino family and won, at least by all appearances, his sense of invincibility dazzled his own reflection from every mirror he gazed into.

The instantaneous combustion’s heat will radiate for a very long time as puzzlement will continue to be fuelled by new information further compounding the sense of astonishment. Now his family suffers, while most observers, at least those of us not applauding or gloating from Wall Street, feel a certain sense of loss at what might have been possible with the Sheriff’s Sheriff on watch. Or perhaps we feel a sadness that too vivid an image is being displayed of our sometimes frail human natures. Nevertheless, which is more important to us, the weakness of one man or the relative strength of the Presidential candidates, one of whose decisions will impact all of us?


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